Ahmed Sabry

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About Me


Ahmed Sabry is an Egyptian 5th grade medical student and content creator born in Egypt and been all over 10 countries ever since. A fluent speaker of four languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and German. Decided to start on Tiktok in July 2020 and went from having zero followers to over 1.8 million followers with more than 300 million views in under 8 months, Sabry was chosen as the top educational content creator 2020, Tikok’s Hero and Tiktok’s Ambassador. Sabry is still on his journey of breaking boundaries and pushing himself to the absolute limits so hop on with him and enjoy this crazy ride!

What I Do

If you get better at something just one percent everyday you’ll end up being 37 times better at it by the end of the year! I live by the One Percent Rule, film the progress and inspire over 6 million followers in the process.

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